High-schoolers Allegra and Tara meet when cast in the school play as Frances Willard and Mary Bannister - two historical leaders of the late-1800s Women's Christian Temperance Movement who shared a very close friendship. Through rehearsals, sleepovers and communions with ouija boards, Allegra and Tara explore just how similar - and dissimilar - they are to Frances and Mary.

Finalist, O'Neill Theater Center's 2016 National Playwrights Conference

Honorable Mention, Student Jane Chambers Playwriting Award, 2016

Production, Yale University, February 2016

Staged reading, Shetler Studios, August 2016

Staged reading, Barrow Group Theatre, May 2016

Staged reading, Yale University, 2015

Workshop, O'Neill Playwriting Mentorship Program, 2014-15

The End of Mermaids

4 W, 1 M | 90 minutes

Welcome to Mermaidland, Florida, the only place on earth where mermaids are real! Enjoy our afternoon special starring Mermaid Bee, Mermaid Vana, and our newest princess of the deep, Mermaid Marie. Reawaken your childhood fantasies. Revel in death-defying underwater dances. Soak in impossible beauty. And please disregard the alligators. There is nothing to worry about. 

Production, Corkscrew Theater Festival, July 2018

Staged reading, The Tank, February 2018 

Grant, Anna Sosenko Assist Trust, June 2018